KILYE Net Red Beauty 12 Colors Velvet Matte Lipstick Lipstick Set Lip Gloss Wholesale Makeup

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৳ 220.00

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Product Description

Has licensable private label: Yes


color: 01# wine red, 04 # coral orange, 05 # grapefruit color, 06 # pumpkin color, 07 # retro red, 08 # bean paste, 09 # rubber powder, 10 # maple leaf red, 11 # dry rose, 12 # tomato red

whether to import: no

Specification: Normal specifications

brand type: Domestic brand

Special Purpose Cosmetics: no

Production license number: Zhejiang makeup 20180045

article number: AL597007290324

series: other

Shelf life: 3 years

net weight: 3.5g

Origin: China

Main downstream platforms: ebay, amazon, wish, aliexpress, independent station, LAZADA

Whether cross-border export of special supply sources: Yes

非特化妆品备案证号: 浙G妆网备字2019008545

颜色分类: 多色

规格分类: 125

适用肤质: 通用

类别: 唇彩、口红、唇蜜

功效: 提升气色,不粘杯

质地: 丝绒,润泽

Additional Information


01# wine red, 04#Coral Orange, 05# Grapefruit color, 06#Pumpkin color, 07# Retro red, 08# Bean Paste Naked, 09# rubber powder, 10# Maple Leaf Red, 11# dry rose, 12# tomato red

net weight

3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g, 3.5g


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