French Essence Repairing Muscle Bottom Liquid 30ml Moisturizing Moisturizing Brightening Skin Care Small Black Bottle Skin Care Serum

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৳ 400.00

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Product Description

brand: French

whether to import: no

brand type: Boutique domestic products

Applicable skin: Neutral, General, Oily, Dry, Combination

article number: D2FYL69276

Specification: Normal specifications

Special Purpose Cosmetics: no

Production license number: Cantonese makeup 20210120

Shelf life: 3 years

net weight: 30 (g/ml)

Whether cross-border export of special supply sources: no

Non-special cosmetic registration certificate number: Guangdong G makeup network prepared word 2017000001

Origin: Guangzhou

Product Specifications: French Essence Serum

Cosmetic efficacy: Moisturizing, shrinking pores, moisturizing, firming, soft skin

Product barcode: 6940824169276

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Product Specifications

French Essence Serum


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