Shanghai Youlelianjie LC8 plug-in PCB mini fast terminal 2.54 small pitch volume connector

৳ 3.41৳ 1,478.75

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৳ 3.41৳ 1,478.75

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Product Description

  • Model: LC8
  • Brand: Youle
  • Color classification: 2P [head + seat] 3P [head + seat] 4P [head + seat] 5P [head + seat] 6P [head + seat] 7P [head + seat] 8P [head + seat] 9P [head + seat] 】 10P【head+seat】11P【head+seat】12P【head+seat】13P【head+seat】14P【head+seat】15P【head+seat】16P【head+seat】17P【head+seat】18P 【Head+seat】19P【Head+seat】20P【Head+seat】21P【Head+seat】22P【Head+seat】23P【Head+seat】24P【Head+seat】 Adapter E03058 (1 piece)


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