Tirisaer shampoo new set hair mask small authentic official website GIMISS is loving strong plant amino acids

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৳ 773.50৳ 1,979.25

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Product Description

  • Brand: Teelishar / Tielisar
  • Product Name: Shampoo
  • Efficacy: Gentle cleansing, repairing, anti-dandruff, damage repair
  • made in China
  • Fragrance: other
  • 颜色分类: 1瓶(蓝管洗发露)适合油性 1瓶(蓝管润发膜)适合油性 1瓶(红管洗发露)适合中干性 1瓶(红管润发膜)适合中干性 1瓶(紫色洗发露)适合强韧发根 1瓶(紫色润发膜)适合强韧发根 洗发水一支(颜色可自选) 发膜一支(颜色可自选) 经典洗护一套 升级款红管洗护一套(255ml) 紫色洗护一套 升级款蓝管洗护一套(255ml) 升级款红管洗发水2支(255ml) 升级款蓝管洗发水2支(255ml) 蓝管洗发水+红管洗发水(各一支) 洗发水3支(紫色+蓝色+红色)
  • 化妆品备案编号/注册证号: 鄂G妆网备字2017000357
  • 适用发质: 所有发质
  • 规格类型: 正常规格
  • 是否为特殊用途化妆品: 否
  • 净含量: 255ml



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