Xiaoqinglong bamboo fiber spring and summer thin baby underwear set children’s pajamas boys and girls baby air-conditioning suit set

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Product Description

  • Brand: Xiaoqinglong
  • Applicable age for underwear: 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 8 years old, 9 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old, 11 years old, 12 years old, 13 years old
  • Function: Moisture wicking home
  • Underwear texture: pure cotton (100% cotton content)
  • Applicable gender: Unisex
  • Color classification: pure cotton pink rabbit pure cotton yellow rabbit pure cotton blue rabbit bamboo fiber color powder bamboo fiber color blue cotton blue bear pure cotton powder bear bamboo fiber new blue elephant bamboo fiber new powder elephant pure cotton Pink cotton yellow cotton blue cotton powder pigeon pure cotton blue pigeon pure cotton sun white cloud pure cotton powder strip pure cotton blue strip pure cotton yellow strip
  • Item No.: 1801
  • Reference height: 0-6 months tie 0-6 months front buttons 3-9 months front buttons 9-15 months front buttons 45 yards shoulder buckle 65cm height 50 yards shoulder buckle 60-70cm 55 yards shoulder buckle Suitable for about 75cm58 yardsShoulder buckle for about 85cm60 yards suitable for 90-10065 yards suitable for 100-11070 yards suitable for 110-12075 yards suitable for 120-13080 yards suitable for 130-14085 yards suitable for 140-15090 yards suitable for 160 About 95 yards are suitable for about 165
  • Suitable for the season: all seasons
  • Material composition: cotton 100%




码数 参考身高 衣长 半胸围 裤长 备注  
系带0-3/0-6个月 50-60cm 29cm 24cm 35cm 开裆  
开扣0-6个月 50-60cm 29cm 24cm 35cm 两用裆  
开扣3-9个月 60-70cm 33cm 26cm 39cm 两用裆  
开扣9-15个月 65-75cm 35cm 29cm 43cm 两用裆  
45码 50-60cm 29cm 27cm 35cm 肩扣两用裆  
50码 60-70cm 33cm 27.5cm 39cm 肩扣两用裆  
55码 65-75cm 35cm 29cm 43cm 肩扣两用裆  
58码 75-85cm 37cm 31cm 48cm 肩扣两用裆  
60码 85-95cm 39cm 33cm 55cm 无肩扣满裆  
65码 95-105cm 42cm 34cm 58cm 无肩扣满裆  
70码 105-115cm 44cm 36cm 66cm 无肩扣满裆  
75码 115-125cm 47cm 38cm 73cm 无肩扣满裆  
80码 125-135cm 52cm 39cm 80cm 无肩扣满裆  
85码 135-145cm 54cm 42cm 85cm 无肩扣满裆 尺寸仅限参考哦哈哈

90码衣长60厘米 胸围43*2 裤长89厘米 适合身高150-160cm穿

95码衣长64厘米 胸围45*2 裤长95厘米 适合身高155-165穿


温馨提示:系带0-3/0-6个月  裤子为开裆裤

  开扣0-6个月 3-9个月  9-15个月  裤子两用裆拆线可开裆












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